Our team


Nicolas - Owner


In January 2015 Nicolas took the helm of Little Paris Store after 2 years working as the company's interior designer. Specialised in design and antique sourcing, he is always looking for unusual and beautiful pieces to make your home feel unique with a little plus of his French touch! 





Manager of the shop, she unleashes her creativity through the website and social media, revealing the latest trends of fashion as well as highlighting home decor and accessories. Graduated from a Swiss Art school, you can see her creative work through the shop branding designs and on the website.





After studying at Beaux-Arts in Aix, Melody enhances our products through her artistic pictures. She injects her sassy energy in new displays and advise in the selection of new collections.


In 2009, after working for many years in creative fields, Helene decided to open Little Paris to fulfil her passion for Antiques, French home and Fashion accessories. Her idea was to create an innovating, unique and homy place which embody the spirit of the France she knows and love.

Now, Helene took a new turn in her career and the spirit of Little Paris keep on going with Nicolas who worked closely with her as interior designer and manager.